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Birmingham Rollers

Dilute Birmingham Cocks from the loft of Doug Brown, CA



What Is A Champion Roller? by Bill Pensom (1958)
Roller Matters by Pensom (1930)
Common & Performing Tumblers by Pensom (1930)
Breeding For Tumbling/Rolling Ability by Levi (1941)
PRA Proven Performer by the PRA (1990)
Amazing Performer by Mark Thompson
Telstar by Howard McCulley
Kit Competitions Must Change by Paul Gomez (1995)
Bill Pensom's Ability To Judge Rollers by Bruce Cooper
Hole & No-Hole Rollers by various writers (1988)
(A bulletin worth of historical articles discussing the Hole/No Hole debate. Edited  by Dan Ouellette for the Performing Roller Assoc. bulletin #2 in early 1988. A VERY VERY RARE COLLECTION OF OVER  28 PAGES OF PRINTABLE TEXT!!!!)

Famous Fanciers

Bob Evans
W.H. Pensom
J.L. Smith

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